Remove Trojan-Ransom.Boot.Mbro.a / Trojan.MbrLock.6

number 89872235307

md5: 067DFF3FB22485751B05C5583B39B0EC

Attention! Your PC is blocked for viewing and distribution of pornography
involving minors, the elements of violence, pedophilia. For more
work you need to pay a fine of 600 rubles in any terminal
of payment. To do this in a terminal payment fill by MTS subscriber 89872235307
the amount of 600 rubles. Please note: keep in mind the commission of the terminal.
Upon completion of payment, if payment of an amount equal to a fine, or it
higher than for fiscal receipt of payment terminal you will find
personal code, which after entering your PC will automatically
unlocked. Any attempt to unlock and enter without payment of personal
code that will lead to the destruction of your operating system and all the stored files.

code: 87899043

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