How to Remove Padlock Screen Locker

How to Remove Padlock Screen Locker: Just a quick video on how to remove this malware screen locker, its pretty easy to remove. The Padlock display screen locker is a Trojan that displays a image of a locked door with a message mentioning that the victim’s files have been deleted and that the laptop is locked. It then has a small field at the bottom that a sufferer can enter an free up code which will get rid of the locker. It should be noted that though the contamination does try to lock you out of your pc, it does not delete any documents.

fortuitously, the liberate code for this rip-off could be retrieved from the executable and may be entered into the field to terminate the display locker. to close the malware, virtually input ajVr/GRJz0R into the field and the program will mechanically close. If that does not work, you may reboot into safe mode and put off it from there even as it is not loaded.

Use unlock code ajVr/G\RJz0R

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