Protect against encryption Malware

Protect against encryption Malware

ZeroLocker is a encryption ransomware which will encrypt all your data once clicked on, it can be spread a number of ways, by e-Mail Attachments, Hacked Web Sites, Fake Java Installers. Once your system has been encrypted by this ransom, you will be asked to pay $300 to release and decrypt your data, if you fail to pay in 5 days the fee will be $600 and in 10 days its $1000, never pay these cyber criminals any money.

I would suggest using programs like AppGuard and programs of the like to try and protect yourself, yes I said try…because there is no guarantee the program can stop all the latest malware variants of these malicious files called ransomware.

Make sure you backup your system and keep it safe away from the computer and not on a mapped network drive.

Try and use good Antivirus program and Malwarebytes Pro and another Program to lock the system down, its the world we live in today, never say it will never happen to me, because when it does and your not prepared, your lose everything.

AppGuard provides the next generation of comprehensive antivirus protection. It stops zero-day malware – old and new, known and unknown – from executing an attack.

AppGuard is not a free program.

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