How to perform a clean boot in Windows 8

How to perform a clean boot in Windows 8

A clean boot can be used when Windows is having so issues, you can use clean boot to diagnose and troubleshoot software conflicts after installing programs or after updating your Windows operating system.  what does clean boot do? it will allow you to start Windows basic set of drivers and startup programs.  you can run clean boot on these operating systems: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista.

  • You must be logged in as an administrator to use clean boot. These setting are not permanent once computer is booted into normal mode.
  • Go to bottom right of the screen on the Charms bar, Click Search.
  • Type msconfig on the left click msconfig.


  • Click  Services  on bottom Tick Hide all Microsoft services then click Disable all.


  • Click  Startup then click Open Task Manager.


  • Select which program you wish to disable on startup , then click Disable.


  • Close Task Manager.
  • Click OK, and restart your computer.


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