How to Tell a PC Hardware Problem From a Software Problem

How to Tell a PC Hardware Problem From a Software Problem
The easiest way to find out whether the pc problem is related to hardware or software is to do a clean install of windows 10/11 or Linux.

Key Components:

1. RAM
2. CPU
3. Motherboard
4. GPU
5. PSU

Other Components:
RGB Lights & Hub
CPU Cooler/Heatsink
Expansion Cards


Reinstalling Windows means clean/fresh install Windows 10/11 or Linux. Always create a new bootable USB drive with the OS of your choice and do a clean install. (Backup data first)

A clean install of Windows 10/11 will delete personal files and settings. It will also delete all your programs and applications, including any apps you installed from the Microsoft Store.It will also undo recent system changes you’ve made.

You can use a spare hard drive or SSD to install windows to eliminate windows being the issue.

Unplug RGB Lights & Hub, CDROM/Drive, Unnecessary Extra Fans, Expansion Cards, PSU Extension Cables, Peripherals like USB Hubs or any other devices that can be removed to eliminate problems

If you don’t have spare parts to swap out and test with, stop what your doing and take it to a pc repair shop. Stop trying to guess what the problem could be.

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