How to Remove Ransom Celas Trojan

Celas is a Trojan that will function as ransom software. Upon infecting a computer, this computer virus will lock your computer and state that you are using illegal copies of music files. It will demand you to pay a sum of 50 Euro as penalty. The transaction is typically accomplished online. Victims are asked to pay through designated processor. Upon completion, user must send transaction details to an attacker which in return will provide a code to unlock the PC.

Celas will restrict your access to the computer. It will also prevent Windows from starting normally. Then, it decrypts all files in the hard drive causing the infected computer to malfunction. All you have left is the screen for this ransom program, which accuses you of copyright infringement.

1. Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk from their official server. The file will be in .ISO format.


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