How to Remove Home Security Solutions

How to Remove Home Security Solutions by Britec

Home Security Solutions is rogue anti-virus program. graphical user interface looks similar to Microsoft Security Essentials. The actual antivirus engine Home Security Solutions is distributed through the use of infected websites, Trojan downloader’s, cyber criminals use the BlackHole exploit kit. Home Security Solutions randomly names fake files and then detect those files as Trojans, rootkits, keyloggers etc etc. Home Security Solutions does a fake scan on your computer for malicious code thus creating countless pop-ups about critical infections and claiming that your computer can’t be fix unless you purchase the bogus program. never pay for this type of bogus software. How to remove Home Security Solutions rogue malware from your computer or laptop is easy, just follow the removal instructions in this video.

Click the “Activate full protection” enter registration keys below to register this rogue.



As this infection also changes your Windows HOSTS file, we want to replace this file with the default version for your operating system.

or reset the Hosts file back to the default use this tool below.

Xp Hosts File

Vista Hosts File

Windows 7 Hosts File


ESET Online Scanner

Full Guide


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