How to Fix No Bootable Device Not Found

How to Fix No Bootable Device Not Found
Today we will take a look at how to troubleshoot and fix no bootable device found. There are many reasons for boot device not found and we will do step by step to diagnose no bootable device.

1. Remove any USB devices apart from Mouse and Keyboard
2. Check system date and time
3. Check CMOS battery and replace it if needed.
4. Is the drive visible in BIOS?
5. Change setting to UEFI or CSM Or Legacy
6. Disable Secure Boot
7. Reseat M.2 Drive or check cables on Hard Drive and SSD, also unplug them and plug them back or change connector
8. Reinstall Windows, I know it’s a pain, but it could be a windows problem.
9. Check to see if drive is bad. CrystalDiskInfo and Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools can be used to check drive, if bad sectors or errors, replace drive.

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