How to Create a Windows 10 Recovery Drive

How to Create a Windows 10 Recovery Drive: Creating a recovery drive is essential if your computer does not boot and you want to fix the issue by restoring your computer, in this video I show you how quick and easy it is to create a Recovery Drive.

What you will need?

USB Flash Drive with 8GB to 16GB of space
Your computer must be running Windows 10
Make sure your thumb drive is plugged in to the computer.
Click Start and type: create a recovery drive
Now press Enter on the keyboard
Creating the recovery drive can take some time. So please be patient.

Booting from Recovery Drive to Reinstall Windows 10 is easy.

When you want to reinstall Windows 10, plugin your recovery drive and boot from it. Booting from a flash drive will vary, it will all depend on the model and make of the computer you have, you can check you computer documentation for instructions for how to boot from external media or USB device. At startup keep tapping the F2, DEL, F9, F10, F11, ESC. key until you enter the BIOS. Now yo can change your boot options.

1. Choose your keyboard layout, I will choose UK
2. Click Troubleshoot
3. Click Recover from a drive
4. Now just follow the on screen instructions and be patient while Windows 10 re-installs on your computer.

No product key is required when using the Recovery Drive to reinstall Windows 10.

That’s it, you should be back up and running in no time.

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