How to Check if Your Processor Supports Virtualization

How to Check if Your Processor Supports Virtualization: So you want to run a virtual machine on your computer? what is a virtual machine? well in a nutshell it lets you run a operating system in a operating system. what do I need to run a virtual machine? first step is to see if your CPU allows you to run virtual operating systems on your computer, so we need to check if it has virtualization technology…most CPU have this now days, but its quick and easy to test. So is that it? No you will need Virtual software to run your operating system on. Follow steps below to test CPU and I will then list some software you can use to run your operating systems.


How to check if your CPU supports virtualization technology:

Step 1:

Download the Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool from Microsoft.

Step 2:

Locate the file you downloaded.

Step 3:

Now Run Microsoft Virtualization Tool. Once its run, it will tell you whether your CPU processor supports virtualization. (This is a easy way to check if you don’t want to go into the BIOS to retrieve information.)



Another way to do this is another free program called Securable


Securable is a free portable program that’s very easy to use and check to see if your CPU processor has virtualization support.

1. Download Securable:


2. Right-Click Securable and select Run as administrator.

Important: Some motherboard manufactures have virtualization disabled by default in BIOS settings. Once you know your CPU model supports virtualization, you may need to enable it in your BIOS.

Here is two bits of software that will let you run a virtual machine on your computer

1. Virtualbox

2. Vmware


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