How to Boost Your Volume Sound on Windows PC

How to Boost Your Volume Sound on Windows PC
So you have low sound on Windows 10 and you want to boost volume? I will show you step by step on how to boost your sound/volume on Windows 10 past 100% mark. First we need to install Equalizer APO, this is a volume booster that works on all versions of your Windows PC. Many people a sound booster too boost the audio on windows 10. Hopefully with equalizer apo, you can boost sound on windows 10 beyond the maximum volume available.

Here’s the link to the software equalizer apo

Warning: I Britec will not be held responsible for broken speakers, headphones or other devices. You install equalizer apo at your own risk and increase the volume at your own risk. increasing the volume on speakers and headphones to much can damage your hearing, so be careful.

Info: Some hardware is restricted and won’t allow you to increase or boost the volume any louder, other hardware may already be at its optimal settings or loudness and increasing the sound levels to much can damage the hardware or device, so take it easy with the settings.

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