Help CCleaner Remove All Your Excess Files With CCEnhancer

Help CCleaner Remove All Your Excess Files With CCEnhancer

Add 450 extra programs to the already extensive CCleaner. An unofficial program makes Piriform’s famous system maintenance tool even more useful, by vastly increasing the amount of software it supports.

When it comes to freeing up hard drive space by removing excess crap, it’s hard to top CCleaner. This application scans your computer for unnecessary files and gets rid of them. It’s nothing you should run every week, but if you need to free up some space it’s worth checking out.

CCEnhancer makes CCleaner even better at its job. A collection of userscripts from around the Internet, mostly the Piriform Forums, CCEnhancer can add support for 450 programs CCleaner doesn’t support out of the box. You probably don’t run all of these programs, but you surely run a few; that makes CCEnhancer worth checking out.

As with any free software the cleans up your system use this at your own risk. Know what you’re doing before your installation and use this. If you’re okay with that, though, let’s take a look at CCEnhancer and what it can do.


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