Easy Way to Block Adult Websites

Easy Way to Block Adult Websites: Online Safety for Kids and young Children. This is the first step in keeping your kids safe online, I will make another video on Family Safety software that is built into windows. This will give you a child user account designed for your kids safety.

If you have young children that use the internet in your home, you may want to block all adult content website from them. This is easy to do by using a DNS server, these are free to use and will block all adult sites from your kids.
Norton ConnectSafe

All ConnectSafe policies block malware, phishing and scam sites, pornography,

Norton ConnectSafe is a free service that provides a first layer of defense by blocking unsafe sites automatically.

Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:

Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:


FamilyShield nameservers are:

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