Easy Way to Stop Malware Infection

Easy Way to Stop Malware Infection: Just a quick guide on how to stop any Malware infection on your computer, just watch my video and use this simple step by step guide.

1. Install Anti-Virus Software.

2. Install Firewall Software.

3. Install Anti-malware & Anti-Ransomware like Winantiransom.

4. Optional: Malwarebytes Premium.

5. Keep Anti-Virus Software updated.

6. Keep Windows updated with latest security updates.

7. Run regular scans of the system with all protection software.

8. Keep personal information safe and store it away from the computer you are using.

9. Use Encryption software to store passwords.

10.Use strong passwords and change them regularly.

11. Backup data on a regular basis and store away from the computer you are using.

12. Never use the same password twice.

13. Secure your WiFi network

14. Don’t Use open Wi-Fi connections

15. Think twice before you CLICK them LINKS, ATTACHMENTS and EXECUTABLE files.

Hope you found this video useful, if you need more help and advice, please join my forum.

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