Don’t Buy These Windows 10 Licence Keys

Don’t Buy These Windows 10 Licence Keys
Why you should be careful who you buy your windows 10 licence keys from and who you should not listen to on the internet. Carey Holzman started a debate about windows 10 licence key re-sellers and how my sponsored windows 10 licence key videos were wrong and misleading and yet months later, he is using a affiliate link to not so good windows 10 key re-seller. I guess its OK for him to recommend these re-sellers now?

This goes against everything he stood for when he was on his soap box speech in a live stream, which he continued to try a ruin my name, reputation and channel and yet its OK for him to do it?

This video is not about attacking Carey, but simply educating people and to show how people like Carey can’t get away with attacking people on live streams.

Its double standards by Carey to say one thing and do another.

I really did not want to make this video and wanted to let sleeping dogs lie, but I never received a apology for the continued attacks and false accusations and lies said about me while he was live on streams.

I really don’t care what Carey has to say on the subject anymore, I just wanted to put the record straight and i have done so in this video.


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