D7 – Tech Tool is a Portable Utility to Troubleshoot Your Computer

D7 – Tech Tool is a Portable Utility to Troubleshoot Your Computer

As a computer geek and an IT administrator, I always get calls from people about their broken systems and I always have my USB first aid kit with me in order to troubleshoot any problems regarding problematic or broken systems. Today I’m going to talk about a portable utility which serves as a Swiss army knife for IT administrators and even for technical people who love to troubleshoot systems.


D7 is an all in one portable tool for troubleshooting and tweaking systems. Let’s talk about the features of D7. This article will be a little longer as the features of D7 can’t fit in a few paragraphs.

When D7 is started for the first time, you’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions and then a configuration window will appear when starting D7 for the first time.

You can configure different options in the configuration window. The main D7 window will consist of different tabs which have different set of functions and features. Let’s talk about each tab separately. But first of all, I’ll give some information about the universal menu buttons which are located at the top right of D7 window.



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