Create Your Own Windows 11 Lite Edition

Create Your Own Windows 11 Lite Edition
Today we take a look at making your own Windows 11 Lite iso. This version of Windows 11 is super lightweight and super fast with no bloatware and no unwanted applications. The remove process of windows components is not easy for beginners and is really designed for expert users only. Remember you can always use Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC edition, which is what I recommend people do as this is an official release. This tutorial is for education purposes only. The tool we are using is MSMG Toolkit. You will need to do your own research, because I won’t be posting any links in this description. This Windows 11 Lite Editions using low system resources, which is great for old computers or people who are gamers who want version little system resources being used while gaming.

Download MSMG Toolkit
Or Download MSMG Toolkit

Download Windows 11 ISO

Download Shutup 10/11

Download debloat-lists

Download 7zip

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