Create an Instant Wireless Network with WiPeer

Create an Instant Wireless Network with WiPeer

An interesting new wireless networking software system called WiPeer is now available. WiPeer allows your computer to easily set up and join ad hoc WiFi networks for peer to peer file sharing. WiPeer doesn’t work across the Internet; instead; it connects computers only in close proximity of a few hundred yards or meters with the goal of avoiding wireless access points and simplifying local area networking. Created by researchers at the prestigious Technion in Israel, WiPeer supports Windows XP computers now and will hopefully support other kinds of computers and mobile devices later.

1. Connect to the network, while chosing between wireless (WiFi) and Ethernet, where in the case of wireless, either connecting to an existing access point, or forming a peer-to-peer (also known as ad-hoc) network, in which no infrastructure is involved. It is possible to either join a public network, in which anyone can participate, or create and join private groups.

2. View the other currently connected users, through the “on-line users” tab.

3. Define contact persons and see which of these contatcs is also connected at any given moment, through the “Contacts” tab.

4. Chat either with specific persons, or create and join public chat rooms.

5. Share files either to everyone or to individual users.

6. Searching for documents based on key-words. Only documents that have been exported will be displayed. This capability requires running Google’s desktop search application.

7. Managing your own user profile.

8. Discovering your nearby Facebook friends through the peersonalizer feature.

9. Additional external applications, including games, as appears in the “applications” menu.

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