Why is My Computer Running Hot

Why is My Computer Running Hot: We all have a problem with our computer from time to time and doing some general preventative maintenance on our computer on a regular basis can help maintain the health and prolong the life of our pc hardware. Dust is the most common problem when it comes to the computer overheating, which then leads to crashing and blue screen of death BSOD and in even more serve cases can lead to hardware failure. I will show you my computer which was running hot and become very noisy due to fans having to work extra hard to keep the system cool. So don’t put it off like I do and give your computer a clean with a shopvac and get your computer running smooth again.
I will show you how I clean up my computer but remember you may need to use fresh compound on the CPU and GPU and add or replace some fans. Some times a upgrade to a better CPU cooler (heatsink) can help reduce high temperatures.

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Inspired Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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