Boot Manager is Compressed Boot Error Fix

Fix Boot Error: Boot Manager is Compressed

compressed boot manager; press ctrl+Alt+Del to restart the computer.and fails to open Windows Vista

If by accident having compressed the entire boot partition, then Vista will display the following error: BOOTMGR is compressed. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart
This can usually be solved by using Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) and perform a “Startup Repair“.
If the above doesn’t solve the problem then boot into WinRE again, but when selecting the Vista-installation, then press “Load Drivers” (Instead of “Next”) and use the mini Windows Explorer to right-click the boot-drive and deselect “Compress this Drive” and choose Apply to sub-folders and files.

If that fails then use WinRE to enter the “Command Prompt” and execute these commands:

compact /u /a c:*.*
compact /U C:bootmgr
compact /U C:ntldr

Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download:

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