Acer eRecovery Manager Lost Password Recovery

Acer eRecovery Manager Lost Password Recovery

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Like many others, the first time that you launch eRecovery on your laptop you have use a password. Then the months the years passed, and you need eRecovery, but now you forgot the password…

Note : The method can be very different with your model, but the principle remains the same one, there must be a file which stores your password, and it must be in one of the most recent files since you changed your password.

Note 2: Vista compatibility

This problem is solved very easily, makes a right click on the partedit32 icon, goes in properties, clicks on the tab compatibility and set the compatibility on winxp or win98.

For Vista and Xp add run as an administrator.

Method 1 :

1. Download Partedit32 launch the program and change the type of the partition pqservice from 27 to 7.

2. Restart the computer press F2 on boot to enter the bios, and then disable the option (d2drecovery).

3. Restart and press F8 several times until you reach the Windows recovery menu, choose the option : command prompt. The windows open and now there is a letter for a new drive, x for example.

4. Type “dir” and seek the file “aimdrs.dat”. Then type this command at the prompt : “Copy aimdrs.dat C:”

5. Restart your computer normally, open a notepad browse for your file open it and recover your password. Do not forget to restore your partition pqservice in its initial state with partedit32, and to reactivate the D2D recovery option in the bios.

Method 2 :

With a Linux boot CD make :

1. Cd /mnt

2. mkdir acer

3. mount – T vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/acer

4. cat /tools/aimdrs.dat

Here is your password.

Warning : for more recent laptop with SATA disc replace “hda1” with “sda1”.


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