Think Before You Click

Think Before You Click: The name of the title of this video is so true, “think before you click” if people just took more time before clicking of files, they would not fall fail to ransomware as easy.

1. First upload file to virustotal, this will help identify if the file is safe.

2. Check the file details by right clicking on the file. Unknown? no company name?

3. Where did the file come from? was it for a reliable source? ie: Microsoft. A friend is not a reliable source or some pirated software site.

4. Who is that email from? are they infected and did it not send files to his contacts?

5. Do NOT click LINKS from anyone especially in emails, skype, chat programs, teamspeak or any VoIP software.

6. Scan files with updated antivirus or anti-malware software or both.

7. Still not sure? Make you are 100% before you click, because ransomware will show no mercy

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