How to uninstall Windows Updates

install updates

How to uninstall  or rollback Windows Updates, So you have installed a Windows update and you’re having problems and you wish to rollback or uninstall a update?

Well you’re in luck, I will show you how you can uninstall any problematic update from Microsoft.

Important: There is known problems with Windows updates that were released in August 2014 these are the files that are known to be causing issues and making the computer system unstable KB2982791 KB2970228 KB2975719 KB2975331 [Read more...]

Unofficial Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 4

unofficial Service Pack 4

Unofficial Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 4 Windows XP was a very popular Microsoft operating system but  sadly for a lot of fans of Windows XP, it come to a end in April this year, Microsoft was not longer going to support the operating system. But a enthusiast and developer from Greece call Harkaz has been working on a Service Pack 4 (SP4) (x86) for Windows XP, now of coarse this will be a ‘unofficial Service Pack 4‘  but for all the XP users that are still running the XP operating system this should be good news for them.

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How to Boot Windows 8 in Safe Mode


How to Boot Windows 8 in Safe Mode

If you Windows machine keeps crashing and giving you BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and posting up STOP Error codes or maybe you have installed a new program or software update and now you’re having issues with your computer or the computer has been infected with malicious malware that has corrupted your operating system. A good place to start is Safe Mode, but in Windows 8 this is not as easy as it used to be in previous versions of Windows, There is a way of enabling the F8 key so it will work like previous Windows Versions, [Read more...]

How to perform a clean boot in Windows 8

How to perform a clean boot in Windows 8

A clean boot can be used when Windows is having so issues, you can use clean boot to diagnose and troubleshoot software conflicts after installing programs or after updating your Windows operating system.  what does clean boot do? it will allow you to start Windows basic set of drivers and startup programs.  you can run clean boot on these operating systems: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista. [Read more...]

SynoLocker Ransomware encrypting Synology NAS Devices


SynoLocker Ransomware encrypting Synology NAS Devices A warning to all Synology owners, there is a new ransomware which is active and encrypting files on your Nas Storage Device. The ransomware is called “SynoLocker” (example below) As you can see you can regain your encrypted data by paying a fee to the cyber criminals, so if you’re a victim of SynoLocker and ask to pay approx $400 USD [Read more...]

Remove PC Cleaner Pro 2014


PC Cleaner Pro 2014 is a fake system optimizer utility, its categorized as adware, which is bundled in with other freeware programs. once installed on the system, it will automatically start scanning you computer system for errors, it claims that several errors were been detected on your computer system. [Read more...]

Remove pop-up virus

Remove pop-up virus is classed as ad-ware, they are made for one purpose, to help its creator drive more Internet traffic to the site, that’s the first part, the 2nd is getting you to install their malicious rogue software. It can be spread via proxy sites in UK when looking for banded sites like piratebay and sites of the like, another way is free programs that you download off the internet on unknown third party websites with very low reputation, [Read more...]

How to Remove Lucky Coupon Ads

Remove LuckyCoupon

So your infected with Lucky Coupon?, Don’t worry this guide will help you remove Lucky Coupon Ads for good, we will need to uninstall this malicious adware program from  add/remove programs on your computer. These type of discount Ad-ware programs are all over the internet packed in freeware programs,  Luckycoupon claims it provides  you with the latest discounts that are available. [Read more...]